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An Open Letter to President Adama Barrow on Corruption

Dear Mr President, I hope this open letter finds you well. As a concerned citizen, I am writing to express my deep care for the future and well-being of our beloved nation, The Gambia. I commend your administration’s efforts in addressing various challenges facing our country and advancing positive changes, especially your commitment to democratic values and the rule of law.

However, I would like to draw your attention to the issue of corruption, which is of great concern to many citizens, including myself. Corruption has been a persistent challenge in our society and its negative effects on our economy, institutions, and social fabric cannot be overstated.

I appreciate the steps your administration has taken to combat corruption, including the plans to establish the Anti-Corruption Commission. I believe that a strong commitment to transparency and accountability is essential for our nation’s development.

Therefore, I respectfully urge your administration to continue and strengthen its fight against corruption by ensuring that the proposed Anti-Corruption Commission has the necessary resources and independence to effectively carry out its mandate. Also, implementing and enforcing anti-corruption laws and regulations rigorously, promoting transparency in government transactions and procurement processes, encouraging a culture of reporting corruption and protecting whistleblowers, and providing adequate training and resources for public servants to uphold ethical standards.

Moreover, I suggest that your administration engages civil society organizations, including anti-corruption NGOs such as Gambia Participates, in collaborative efforts to address corruption and promote good governance. Their expertise and commitment can complement government initiatives.

I believe that with continued dedication and collective action, we can make significant strides in combating corruption and ensuring a brighter future for The Gambia. I am confident your leadership can bring about the positive change our nation deserves.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue as outlined in this open letter, and I look forward to witnessing the progress that our great nation, the Gambia, will make under your leadership.

Saidina Alieu Jarjou.

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