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Vivian reacts to ‘Lesbian’ allegations

The queen of the Jolof Band Vivian Chidid has reacted to allegations made against her of being a ‘Lesbian’ in a leaked audio that went viral on social media recently. The Senegalese queen of Mbalax, international music icon Vivian Chidid and Amina Poté, a Tv presenter were accused by Samba […]

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Gambia prepares for UNESCO quadrennial reporting on freedom of expression and cultural diversity 

National Centre for Arts and Culture in partnership with stakeholders in the Art and Creative sector on the 14th March commenced a series of activities in preparation for the second quadrennial periodic reporting on freedom of expression, and promotion of cultural diversity following the ratification of the UNESCO 2005 Convention. The […]

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State of MIC CEO Alhagie Manka named among 100 most influential young leaders in Africa

The CEO State of MIC Multi-media company, Alhagie Manka has been named among the 100 most influential young leaders in Africa. Mr. Manka is a well-focused gentleman with a dignified character who has made triumphant efforts to reach where he is today in the Gambian multi-media industry. He is currently […]

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Senegalese singer Oumar Pene says Pastef hijacked his song and titled it “Sonko Koubakh La” without his knowledge or consent

According to Senegalese media Seneweb and Sen Tv, Oumar Pene has exposed the Pastef supporters for hijacking his song without his knowledge. He said he did not sing any song for a politician. Senegalese veteran singer Oumar Pene has accused the supporters of Pastef, the party of the opposition leader […]