Cornerstone Group constructs new Borehole for Demfai Village

Cornerstone Construction Group under the leadership of Alhagie Sanyang has constructed a new borehole for Demfai village in the Sami District, Central River Region north.

This is the second borehole constructed by the company for the villagers in Sami District. The first was constructed in August this year for Raneru Wollof in the Sami District of the Central River Region.

Both the two boreholes were constructed through the intervention of Pa Jagne, a strong militant and supporter of the NPP and a native of Sami District.

The Alkalo of Demfai Alhagie Alieu Sey, Mamat Camara, VDC Chairman, Mustapha Jallow, NPP Chairman for Karantaba Ward and Sainey Kah, one of the village elders and the women, all thanked the Cornerstone Construction Group and Pa Jagne for the support.

On his part, Pa Jagne, expressed delight at the great achievement of Demfai village through his efforts. He thanked President Barrow, his ministers and Cornerstone Construction Group for the support to Demfai village just like they did in Raneru recently.

Pa Jagne disclosed that a special inauguration ceremony will be held for the two boreholes in Raneru and Demfai villages.

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