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Senegalese singer Oumar Pene says Pastef hijacked his song and titled it “Sonko Koubakh La” without his knowledge or consent

According to Senegalese media Seneweb and Sen Tv, Oumar Pene has exposed the Pastef supporters for hijacking his song without his knowledge. He said he did not sing any song for a politician. Senegalese veteran singer Oumar Pene has accused the supporters of Pastef, the party of the opposition leader […]

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Will Mimi Toure survive her Parliamentary coup?

A parliamentary committee in Senegal yesterday voted out Aminata Toure widely called Mimi Toure, causing her to lose her parliamentary seat. This decision came following her exit from the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition which voted her into the Parliament in September last year. Mimi Toure is organizing a press conference […]

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Madi Jobarteh: “I Kept the Debate on Track. Halifa Tried to Divert it”

This debate is about the role played by the political parties and politicians that formed the Infamous 2016 Coalition when they assumed political power in 2017. The debate is not about what happened and who did what before 2017. In my press interviews at the funeral ceremony for Solo Sandeng, […]