Author: Alagi Yorro Jallow

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Why Were You Elected to the Hallowed Chamber?

Part IV Fatoumatta: I will support any planned protest or motion to scrap the “Clothing Allowance, other sub-head parliamentary allowances and benefits, and typically the phony sitting allowances allocated to the “Sixth Legislature Honorable members.” However, why should the “Honorable members” be paid a salary and then be paid for […]

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Why Were You Elected to the Hallowed Chamber? Parliamentarian Asking GMD 100,000 of Taxpayers’ Money for “Clothing Allowances.”

Part III. Fatoumatta: Suppose the news story trending on social media and in the national papers that the Gambia’s National Assembly members have agreed to be paid a whopping sum of GMD 100,000, known as the “Clothing Allowance,” from the budget for every ‘Honorable’ member, in addition claiming to hefty […]

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The sycophantic pro-President Adama Barrow Book. Good Book: Worth Reading: Adama Barrow: “The Making of A New Gambia”

Fatoumatta: President Adama Barrow’s relationship with United Democratic Party (UDP) goes back to the early formative stage of the party. The UDP has been the political party where Adama’ Barrow s political baptism and politics began, but from the political affinity to animosity has turned sour with his estranged political […]

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In Solidarity with Senegalese International Idrissa Gueye following the homophobia row

Fatoumatta: There will not be freedom in the world until we understand that our differences make us strong together and never yardsticks for dichotomies. Until we respect each other, the peace and unity we seek in the world are mere wishes! Senegalese international footballer Idrissa Gueye’s refusal to wear a […]