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The Gambia is a Democracy. Let the Majority Govern and the Opposition Oppose: Why A National Dialogue and What Makes or Breaks National Dialogues?

Fatoumatta: Ross Perot once said, “If you see a snake, just kill it. Do not appoint a committee on snakes”. Gambians are either setting up a committee or organizing a conference for everything. This is why we will be stuck in one spot for a long time and left behind […]


Gambian Diplomat Recalled for embezzling President Barrow‘s 5,000 dollar donation

Jerreh Jammeh, the Deputy Head of Mission of The Gambia to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania has been recalled, LamToro News was reliably informed. Sources say the top diplomat was recalled for embezzling an amount of US $5,000  donated by President Adama Barrow to the Gambian Association in Mauritania recently. “The […]

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MJFC  calls for urgent enactment of Legislation to guide the exercise of prerogative of mercy

PRESS STATEMENT 1st February 2024. The Malick Jallow Foundation for Children (MJFC) is very concerned with the recent public outcry concerning the pardon of convicted prisioners by the President of the Republic in exercise of his powers enshrined in Section 82 of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of The […]