Banjul OIC Summit in Limbo?

The Handshake: President Barrow receives SG Taha at State House

Banjul’s hosting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, formerly the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) remains in limbo as a date is yet to be set for the world’s Islamic gathering.

Top echelons of the OIC led by its Secretary-General Hissein Brahim Taha visited the Gambian leader President Adama Barrow on Friday, 17th June 2022 at State House in Banjul, where SG Taha said all OIC members are supporting The Gambia’s candidature to host the OIC Summit.

SG Taha also visited and inspected the would-be venue (conference center) of the OIC Summit and projects embarked upon by the Banjul Secretariat for a successful hosting of the event.

However, a press release dated 17th June 2022 signed by Mr. Nfally Fadera, head of Brand and Communications at the Banjul OIC Secretariat, stated: “The visit of the Secretary-General will be followed by a technical review to determine a suitable date for the Summit in The Gambia.“

LamToro News (LTN) contacted Nfally Fadera via telephone to make inquiries about the setting of a date for the world’s Islamic to be held in The Gambia in 2022 and he said, the date of the event is yet to be established.

He explained that the setting of the date is usually discussed between the OIC Secretariat and the Local Secretariat of the host country. Mr. Fadera said The Gambia is ready to host the event any moment from now but would be in a better position if given a little more time.

According to him, The Gambia was earlier supposed to host the OIC Summit in 2019 but it was later rescheduled and Saudi Arabia hosted it.

Asked about the Gambia’s level of preparedness in the construction of the roads leading to the OIC venue? Mr. Fadera said, the construction takes about 14 months before completion and currently, they are about five months into the first phase of the project.

This prompted LTN to ask if Banjul OIC Summit can be hosted in 2022 or not?

Photos: State House.


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