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Banjul Mayores Rohey Lowe files lawsuit against Commission of Inquiry Members, claims her right to a fair hearing has been violated

Rohey Malick Lowe, the Mayores of Banjul has filed a lawsuit against members of the Commission of Inquiry set up by President Adama Barrow to investigate claims of corruption and abuse of office in the Local Government Councils of The Gambia from 2018 to date, LTN has learnt. The Banjul […]

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Statement Delivered By ANM Ousainu Darboe On The Occasion Of The National Funeral Held In His Hounor At Never Again Arch-10th January 2023

TRIBUTE TO EBRIMA SOLO SANDENG DELIVERED BY ANM OUSAINU DARBOE ON THE OCCASION OF THE NATIONAL FUNERAL HELD IN HIS HONOUR AT NEVER AGAIN ARCH-TUESDAY, 10TH JANUARY 2023 Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim, Inna Lillahi Wa Inaa Illaihi Rajioune. Today we gather to bid final farewell to Ebrima Solo Sandeng , a […]