Leaked: BCC asks for over D1M overdraft to pay October salaries

A leaked letter from the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Banjul City Council (BCC) has revealed that the country‘s capital city council is asking for D1,080,000 (One Million and Eighty Thousand dalasis) overdraft from Trust Bank Ltd to be able to pay October salaries, LTN has learnt.

The letter, dated 15th November with Reference number; Ref 20/BCC/77/(11)/ VOL.17 was addressed to the Managing Director of Trust Bank with the Subject: RE: REQUEST FOR EXTENDED TEMPORAL OVERDRAFT (ACCOUNT NUMBER 11000001601).

The letter, signed by both the BCC Director of Finance and the CEO stated that the council is expecting about D6.2M cash transfer of about 2.7 million dalasis from the Central government, 1.5 million dalasis from Gamtel, 1 million dalasis from Gambia Ferry Services and others.

A staff (anonymous) of the council who spoke to this medium confirmed the authenticity of the letter. She decried the unnecessary waste of resources and mismanagement by the council which resulted to such situation.

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