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The Gambia: April 24. Betrayed!

The Republic is in Decay.Characterized by despicable disregard of values, rules & standards.Perpetrated by both State and Society.Flouting every tenet of the religion they proclaim.Breaking every article of the Constitution.Breaking laws left, right and center.Violating every right & dignity of citizens.Without fear or shame! Today is Independence Day. April 24.Soiled […]


Are we really independent?

With the dawn of each “Independence” anniversary on February 18th, we, as Gambians, blow horns, sing, drum and cheer to celebrate “Independence Day.” This year shall be no exception. Independence is defined as “freedom from being governed or ruled by another country, or the ability to live your life without […]

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Correcting the History of Gambia’s Independence Day 

In December 2009, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara published his autobiography ‘Kairaba’. In Chapter 21 – ‘Forging ahead to greater things,’ Sir Dawda hinted that indeed the Gambia was not independent on 18 February 1965, rather, as he acknowledges, “while we had a democratically elected parliament and government since independence (1965), […]