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Epitaph: Activist Sukai Dahaba “Kalama Revolution,” The Gambia’s Winnie Mandela, Showed Bravery Under Brutal Dictatorship!

Nothing is nearly as heartbreaking as the demise of a young, promising person yet to reach their full potential. Moreover, Sukai Dahaba’s death disturbs me because she was the most courageous among her peers. This tribute will be challenging to write because I did not know Sukai up close, especially […]

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EU Parliament Backs Remedy Fund for Qatar Migrant Abuses

Human Rights in Spotlight as FIFA and Qatar’s “Just Play Football” Strategy Backfires Written by Claudio Francavilla, Senior EU Advocate. On November 24, the European Parliament urged FIFA and Qatar to compensate widespread abuses that migrant workers suffered while building the 2022 World Cup infrastructure and making the games possible. […]

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Human rights activist Madi Jobarteh demands an apology from President Barrow

I Demand a Retraction and an Apology from the President. Today, 2nd August I received a letter from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) conveying to me guarantees from the Gambia Government that they would protect “my fundamental human rights at all times in accordance with the Constitution and other […]