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Student erects for 18 hours after contracting illness 

By Bernard Patinvoh

Burkina Faso: A report published in the journal “Urology Case Reports” reveals that a 17-year-old student from Burkina Faso had a continuous erection for 18 hours. Complete detumescence was only achieved after 48 hours with no after-effects”. The unfortunate student was suffering from dengue fever.

“Without any sexual stimulation”.

In the scientific document, the doctors explain that the erection was “soft, painless and persistent”. It “occurred spontaneously without any sexual stimulation, without any notion of trauma or any triggering factor, motivating the care team to take a urological opinion”. For the doctors, this was an “unprecedented case”.

 No link had previously been established between a case of dengue fever and the occurrence of priapism (penile erection lasting more than 4 hours without any sexual stimulation).

Source: Culled from Seneweb

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