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French lawyer Juan Branco faces 4 criminal count charges, remanded at Rebeuss prison

Arrested on Friday night in Mauritania, some 100 km from the capital Nouakchott, lawyer Juan Branco, a member of the Ousmane Sonko defense team, was finally remanded after midnight on August 6 at the Rebeuss prison in Dakar.

According to Lawyer Ciré Clédor Ly, who recalls that the Franco-Spaniard “was arrested on the basis of an international arrest warrant, is expected at the Division of Criminal Investigations (Dic).

Ciré Clédor Ly said the examining magistrate has identified 4 offences against the suspect. These are: attack, provided for by article 72 of the criminal code, conspiracy – article 73, dissemination of false news (article 255 of criminal code 3) and acts and maneuvers likely to compromise public security or cause serious political unrest (article 80).

“He has refused to drink or eat since he was taken into the hands of the individuals who took him, in reaction to the illegal procedure used to bring him back to Senegal”, explains Me Ly, who adds: “He has also decided to remain silent and not to authorize anyone to assist him, either during the procedural phase of notification of the arrest warrant, or before the examining magistrate of the 2nd cabinet of the Dakar high court, who has opened a judicial investigation”.

Source: Seneweb

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