Alert! Mimi Touré intercepted at Keur Ayib border post

Senegal’s ex-female Prime Minister Aminata Touré widely known as Mimi Touré has been intercepted at the Keur Ayib border post by Senegalese police. She made this revelation Sunday afternoon on her Facebook page.

Aminata Touré claims she was on her way to Cassamance when the police at Keur Ayib blocked her at the border and refused to allow her to continue on her journey to Cassamance.

Aminata Touré, a former parliamentarian under the list of the president coalition team Benno Bokk Yaakarr had since last year fell out with President Macky Sall and was sacked from the National Assembly when she opposed President Sall’s third term ambition. She was also disappointed when President Sall nominated Mr. Amadou Mame Diop, Mayor of Louga as the new Speaker of the National Assembly of Senegal. Mimi who served as director of Campaign of the Benno Bokk Yaakarr during the Parliamentary election in 2022, had wanted to become the first female Speaker of Senegal, a dream which never came through following the president’s decision.

Below is her message on Facebook.

“On my way to Casamance, the police at the Keur Ayib border post refused to allow me to cross despite the presentation of a certified copy of my diplomatic passport and my formal identification by the police station commissioner. And yet, just a year ago, as head of the Benno Bokk Yakaar list, I was not asked for any papers to reach this other part of our territory. The police have no business meddling in politics and should concentrate on the safety of citizens.”

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