Press Release: Management Of Queuing System And Issuance Of Manifests For Transportation Of Goods

Press Release Dated: 11th May, 2023


The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) wishes to inform the public that on Thursday 4th May, 2023, it held a consultative meeting with stakeholders of the transport sector and discussed issues raised by the Gambia Drivers’ Association (GDA) regarding the Queuing System (QS) being administered by the General Transport Union (GTU).

The matter has been adjudicated by the High Court of The Gambia and MOTIE aligns itself with the High Court ruling that Transport Drivers Association and its members, agents or servants should comply with the Queuing System (QS) authorized by The Gambia Government in November 2021 as administered by the General Transport Union.

Therefore, MOTIE notifies the public and transport sector operators that the General Transport Union (GTU) is the only authorized institution in The Gambia mandated to administer the Queuing System for the transportation of goods within and outside of the country. The issuance of manifests is part of the administration of the Queuing System (QS) to ensure transparency and effective data collection. The Union is urged to ensure that operators, businesses, or garages that request for vehicles from the QS are provided the necessary service without delay. 

The Queuing System (QS) is established to ensure that all drivers that operate commercial trucks have an opportunity to transport goods across and beyond the country in a harmonized and transparent manner.

The Trade Ministry has noted that operators of re-export trade are not providing manifests on their consignments, which results in trade data gaps. All re-export operators are requested to work closely with the General Transport Union in obtaining manifests for re-export goods. The Union should ensure that copies of all manifests are shared with The Gambia Government for effective collection of both domestic and external trade data.

To ensure greater security and better harmonization, MOTIE wishes to inform all other bodies to desist from issuing alternative manifests or engaging in activities that could potentially compromise the integrity of the Queuing System (QS) and collected trade data.

MOTIE enjoins the full cooperation of the public in complying with the High Court ruling on the Queuing System and ministerial directive on data collection and the issuing of manifests.


Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment.

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