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Gambia: Trade Ministry says 139 containers of edible cooking oil imported

PRESS RELEASE The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) continues to remain committed to ensure that essential commodities are available, accessible, and affordable by the general public especially during these trying times of Global economic turmoil in which prices of essential commodities are on the rise as […]


SFF Survey for Informal Sector Workers, Economic Units Validated

Stakeholders on Wednesday, October 26th validated the draft survey on Skills to Facilitate Formalization for Informal Sector Workers and Economic Units in The Gambia (SFF survey) at a workshop held at the Senegambia Beach Hotel. The convergence was organized by the  Directorate of Employment under the Ministry of Trade, Industry, […]

Business & Economics, News

MoTIE Organises Policy Dialogue on Strategic Alignment, Coordination Mechanisms for NEP

The Ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment (MoTIE) through the Employment Directorate on October 25th, 2022 organised a day-long workshop on ‘Proposing a strategic alignment and coordination mechanisms through dialogue and networking for the National Employment Policy (NEP) and Action Plan 2022 – 2026’. The workshop was held at […]

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Let there be a Full and an Independent Investigation into Illegal Timber Trade

The Government’s press release on July 1 that it has revoked all timber permits with a new regulation is nothing but a smokescreen to divert attention from the corruption involved in this business perpetrated by Government officials themselves. Now that they have been adequately exposed by both the media and […]