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NPP Chairman for Niani admits leaked audio calling on President Barrow to deal with civil servants engaged in politics

Bubabcarr Jallow, the Chairman of the National People’s Party (NPP) for Niani Constituency has admitted releasing a leaked audio in which he called on the country’s leader President Adama Barrow, who is also party leader of the NPP to deal with Civil Servants especially teachers engaged in politics. In his leaked audio, Jallow stated that civil servants mostly teachers are always engaged in politics and most of the time they support opposition parties like the United Democratic Party (UDP) or become independent candidates.

“Which civil servant or teacher is mad to support the opposition or become an independent candidate against the ruling party during former president Yahya Jammeh’s tenure? he asked.

“These teachers are always engaged in politics and therefore I am calling on President Barrow to deal with them seriously,“ he said while reacting to the NPP defeat against Ebou Ndow, an independent candidate in Nyanga Bantang Ward in Niani Constituency.

Ebou Ndow, the independent candidate who won in Nyanga Bantang Ward in the recently concluded Local Government election was an NRP member who was not selected by the NPP coalition. He decided to go independent with the support of the majority and defeated Serign Tunkara, the selected NPP candidate in Nyanga Bantang Ward.

However, the angry NPP Chairman Jallow claims Ndow was in another party and that is why he was not selected. He informed this medium that Ebou Ndow was a teacher in an NGO which was operating a private school.

When contacted by LTN, Bubacarr Jallow confirmed releasing the said audio. He said he was angry at the time of releasing the audio. He also claimed that civil servants are interfering in their politics, thereby causing the NPP to lose.

A supporter of the NPP/NRP coalition in Niani Constituency who wished to remain anonymous said people like Bubacarr Jallow are the very people who destroyed NPP in the constituency because they always fight against their coalition parties like NRP and selected people who are from NPP. “This is the problem we have and it must be stopped. People’s choices should be respected. They did the same mistake during the Parliamentary election and that is why NPP lost the Niani seat to the Independent. Ebou Ndow is part of NRP and we are in the same coalition with NPP and if he is the people’s choice, they should have selected him,“ he remarked.

Another anonymous NPP member who spoke to LTN said Bubacarr Jallow himself was supporting Yahya Jammeh in 2016.

He added: “When Jammeh lost the election, he joined GDC and when NPP was formed, he jumped ship and joined NPP. He is not loyal and will influence the president to take a wrong political decision which will cause setbacks for the party. The president should address these people,“ he added.

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