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Member of Ousman Sonko’s Defence Team was accused of rape

A member of Ousman Sonko’s Defence team Juan Branco, a French-Spanish lawyer was once accused of rape, LTN has learnt. Juan Branco was in 2021 indicted for “rape” by a Parisian examining magistrate.

Lawyer Juan Branco

A 20-year-old lady had filed a handrail at the police station of the 14th arrondissement of Paris on April 29, 2021 after her meeting with Juan Branco following discussions on the Instagram network.

The famous young French Lawyer Branco was placed in custody a month later, where he mentioned a consensual relationship. During his questioning, he denied any rape and pointed out inconsistencies in the complainant’s version.

Branco is one of the three (3) foreign lawyers hired by Senegal’s opposition leader Ousman Sonko in addition to the 15 home-based lawyers. Sonko now has a team of 19 defence lawyers against the government of President Macky Sall whom he accused of threatening to kill him. Sonko also hired a Burkinabe lawyer as part of his team of 19 defence lawyers.

The 33-year-old French-Spanish lawyer Juan Branco on Saturday, 18th March 2023 tweeted that the Senegalese opposition leader, Ousman Sonko of Pastef has now hired him as his new lawyer. His tweet has attracted over 1600 reactions mainly among the Senegalese folks.

Ousmane Sonko was since on 16th March 2023 admitted at Suma Assistance Clinic, a local clinic in Dakar following the unfortunate protests by his supporters against the police and Gendarmerie who whisked him (Sonko) out of his car while on his way to the court.

The officers also threw tear gas at the public during a push and pull, which affected Ousman Sonko and one of his lawyers Mr. Ciré Clédor Ly. Mr. Clédor  Ly was evacuated to France for health reasons.

The French lawyer, Juan Branco’s tweet claim is yet to be confirmed as Ousman Sonko is still admitted.

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