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Interesting!! Dakar Municipal Councillor asks for Ousman Sonko’s hand in marriage in a teasing tone before Mayor Barthelemy Diaz and Others

Senegal’s leading online platform Seneweb is reporting the sequence between Aida Sopi Niang and Ousmane Sonko at Barthélémy Dias’s house, which has set the web ablaze.  In a teasing tone, the young lady asks the audience to celebrate her marriage with the leader of Pastef. Aida Sopi Niang is a […]

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SENEGAL: Yewwi Askan Wii postpones protest, asks supporters to bang pots tomorrow evening

The opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Wii has postponed its planned protest on Wednesday, 29th June 2022, leaders of the coalition announced at a press conference held a few minutes ago at the residence of Ousman Sonko at Cite Keur Gorgui in Dakar. Speaking at the press conference, Ousman Sonko, leader […]

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SENEGAL: Here is Why Constitutional Council Invalidates the National List of 50 MPs for Yewwi Askan Wii and Benno Bokk Yakaar Respectively

Political tensions have erupted in Senegal following the decision of the director general of Elections not to admit the National and Substitute lists of Candidates filed by the opposition group Yewwi Askan Wii and the Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition respectively, ahead of the July 31st, 2022 Parliamentary election. The Constitutional […]