President Barrow inaugurates North Bank Rural Roads Project

The Gambian leader President Adama Barrow has on Saturday inaugurated the North Bank Rural Roads Project dubbed LOT1, at a ceremony held at Sara Kunda, North Bank Region.

The president described the event as a great day for the communities in the area.

“This road project, which commenced in November 2021, stretches for fifty-four (54) kilometres along and within various communities. It now imposes itself as a lasting testimony of our unwavering commitment to the goal of upgrading the North Bank Trunk Road to a multi-purpose standard carriageway,“ he remarked.

He said the new nine-metre-wide double-sealed carriageway, connecting the trunk road to the riverside settlements of the region, will significantly promote trade activities and additionally foster regional connectivity.

“Furthermore, this notable symbol of development will positively impact thousands of lives, as it will create access to health care and education, while enhancing free movement of people, goods, and other services. These benefits were recognised and sensibly factored into the project by the partners who dutifully collaborated with us to supplement the funds allocated by my government for the development of this impressive motorway,“ President Barrow noted.

Source: State House

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