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Pa Jagne to contest for National PRO position at NPP Congress

NPP’s Pa Jagne poses with President Barrow

NPP stalwart Pa Jagne has disclosed his intention to contest as National Spokesperson (PRO) of the National People’s Party (NPP) at its first congress scheduled to take place from today, 26th to 28th December 2022 at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Centre in Bijilo.

Jagne has been a loyal supporter of President Adama Barrow since 2016 and has been among the key figures of the NPP since its inception.

Pa Jagne hailed from Sami District and began his political career in Bansang Town, Upper Fulladu West District. He has been campaigning for President Barrow and the NPP and has contributed tremendously towards the success of the party.

“I am 100% loyal to President Adama Barrow and have been doing my best for the party. I have convinced a lot of Gambians to join the NPP and support the president in his drive to develop the country. Recently, I managed to convince some key supporters of the UDP like King Sport, Bakary Trawally, etc to support the president’s development initiative. Another famous UDP supporter, Fatou Danso, has joined the NPP recently, thanks to my efforts. My efforts at the NPP media are also seen by every Gambian and I am fluent in Wollof, Mandinka, and Fula, therefore, there is no better candidate for the NPP National PRO than me. It is time that I occupy this position to double up my efforts towards campaigning for the president and NPP nationwide,“ he told LTN.

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  1. pa gagine is the best to be the PRO of national people’s party NPP have to give it to him.he have respect and he works hard for this party