Essa Faal rubbishes Sanna Manjang’s claims

Essa M. Faal, the former Lead Counsel of the Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) has debunked claims by Sanna Manjang, a former member of ex-president Jammeh’s hit-squad. Manjang had recently claimed during an interview, that Essa Faal bribed him to give testimony against former president Yahya Jammeh during the TRRC proceedings.

Essa M. Faal

However, Mr. Faal described Sanna Manjang’s claims as false, adding that such claims are fabrications which deserve no further comment.

Sanna Manjang

“I have heard on Social Media the claims by Sanna Manjang (Gambia‚Äôs most notorious killer) about me bribing him- some incoherent story-It goes without saying that his claims are completely and utterly false. They are no more than a bad fabrication; a figment of his delirious imagination and deserve no further comment from me or a waste of my valuable time,” said Mr. Faal in a statement shared on Facebook.

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