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Chancellor Olaf Scholz‘s first visit to Senegal: Germany eyes Senegal‘s energy sector, as the former French colony prepares to become a gas producer

President Sall received Chancellor Scholz in audience at the Presidential Palace in Dakar

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has on Sunday, 22nd May 2022 arrived in Dakar, Senegal for a State Visit. The German leader who visits Senegal for the first time since he became Chancellor, was received at the foot of the airplane marked “Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ by His Excellency President Macky Sall of Senegal at the Leopold Sedar Senghore International Airport in Dakar.

The Bundesrepublik Airplane landed
at the Dakar International Airport

The aim of the visit, according to Seneweb, is to strengthen the cooperation between Africa and the Federal Republic of Germany. A tour that began this Sunday in Senegal. Indeed, the President of the Republic Macky Sall was the first host of the head of the German government. Top on the agenda of discussions between the two leaders will be centered on economic issues and those related to security.

Accompanied by a high-powered delegation, the German Chancellor has stepped on Senegalese soil. His delegation composed of experts in several fields including energy. Olaf Scholz did not beat about the bush, his objective is to establish a partnership on the energy level with Senegal, a country that will soon be a gas producer.

This meeting, which is being held just over a year before the first phase of Senegalese gas production, is a good opportunity for Germany to explore the possibilities of partnership with Senegal. And as Macky Sall says, “Senegal is ready to work with a view to supplying the European market with liquefied gas”, but “under better conditions than those currently offered to Senegal by the companies”, he explained.

For his part, Angela Merkel’s successor Scholz undertook to do what was necessary “by looking into the matter further with the technicians”.

Regarding the energy transition, Germany has also committed to supporting African countries, including Senegal. A photovoltaic power plant will be inaugurated today. As the result of Senegalese-German cooperation, this project aims to supply nearly 33,000 households with electricity. It will also allow “the State of Senegal through Senelec to generate savings estimated at 2.5 million euros per year compared to a thermal power plant using fuel oil”, according to a press release quoted by RFI.

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  1. It might be a win for both countries if this kicks off and tapped in wisely.