ITALY: Puglia region approves funding worth €158,000 to build a temporary guesthouse for 120 migrant farmworkers

by ANSA.

The Puglia region has approved funding worth €158,000 to build a temporary guesthouse for some 120 foreign seasonal farmworkers who will be employed for the cherry harvest season.

The regional government of Puglia has approved extraordinary funding worth €158,000 in favor of the municipality of Turi, near Bari, to build a temporary guesthouse, the southern region said in a statement released on Monday, May 2.

Migrant farmworkers

The facility will provide accommodation for about 120 foreign seasonal workers employed in the local countryside for the cherry harvest season.

“Such a decision confirms, once again, the Puglia region’s commitment for the full integration and respect of human dignity of all migrant workers present in the area,” said regional authorities.

Territory affected by farmworkers’ migration phenomenon

“For some years now, the territory of Turi has been affected by a migration process involving several farmworkers coming from non-EU countries during harvest seasons,” the statement also said.

“In the past, in the absence of hosting facilities, finding accommodation for these people had critical aspects,” it explained.

The statement went on to say that the initiative was aimed at promoting law and order, “addressing the needs expressed by institutions, the local community and workers themselves.”

The funding, the region said, is part of the “regional plan for migration policies 2021-2023” and the “three-year plan to fight labor exploitation in agriculture and the gangmaster system 2020-2022.”

Source: Info Migrants.

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