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Vicenza, Italy – Two Gambians convicted of several crimes, deported to Banjul

The Italian immigration police on Sunday escorted two Gambian citizens, with the initials S.C and J.E, to Banjul following a court expulsion order citing various violations of Italian laws. Both were detained in Vicenza Police Headquarters, after being convicted of numerous crimes including thefts and robbery, assault, and drug dealing. […]


ITALY: Puglia region approves funding worth €158,000 to build a temporary guesthouse for 120 migrant farmworkers

by ANSA. The Puglia region has approved funding worth €158,000 to build a temporary guesthouse for some 120 foreign seasonal farmworkers who will be employed for the cherry harvest season. The regional government of Puglia has approved extraordinary funding worth €158,000 in favor of the municipality of Turi, near Bari, […]