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Tribute to Dr. Henry D.R Carrol: The Quintessential Renaissance Man of Letters

By Modou Modou, Washington DC, USA The eminent 18th Century English playwright, William Shakespeare, once mused on the enigma of mortality in the timeless tragedy of Hamlet, contemplating the elusive nature of death with the iconic soliloquy, “To die, to sleep – To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s […]

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Eulogy For Barristers Wilfred Davidson Abimbola Carrol and Dr. Henry Darlington Richmond Oluwole Carrol 

by Melville Robertsson Roberts Esq When the sudden deaths of Barristers Wilfred Davidson Bola Carrol and Dr. Henry Darlington Richmond Oluwole Carrol was announced, there struck a deep and solemn note in our lives that resonated far and wide and cause a sombre reflection amongst many. The transient spectrum of […]

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Sahel /American Chamber of Commerce The Gambia Chapter pays tribute to Hon. OJ Jallow

The Sahel Investment Group and American Chamber of Commerce The Gambia Chapter have paid tribute to the late veteran politician cum former minister of Agriculture Omar Amadou Jallow popularly known as OJ Jallow. OJ has served as minister of Agriculture twice in the history of The Gambia. He was minister […]