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Madi Jobarteh: “I Kept the Debate on Track. Halifa Tried to Divert it”

This debate is about the role played by the political parties and politicians that formed the Infamous 2016 Coalition when they assumed political power in 2017. The debate is not about what happened and who did what before 2017. In my press interviews at the funeral ceremony for Solo Sandeng, […]

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Madi Jobarteh accepts invitation to challenge Halifa Sallah on the 2016 Coalition’s failure

Human rights activist Madi Jobarteh has accepted an invitation by Hon. Halifa Sallah, former Member of Parliament and Secretary General of PDOIS on the 2016 Coalition’s failure. This invitation to a debate by Halifa Sallah came following Jobarteh’s criticism of the entire 2016 Coalition members for their inability to push […]

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Statement Delivered By ANM Ousainu Darboe On The Occasion Of The National Funeral Held In His Hounor At Never Again Arch-10th January 2023

TRIBUTE TO EBRIMA SOLO SANDENG DELIVERED BY ANM OUSAINU DARBOE ON THE OCCASION OF THE NATIONAL FUNERAL HELD IN HIS HONOUR AT NEVER AGAIN ARCH-TUESDAY, 10TH JANUARY 2023 Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim, Inna Lillahi Wa Inaa Illaihi Rajioune. Today we gather to bid final farewell to Ebrima Solo Sandeng , a […]