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The competition for dominance between Islamic Salafism and Tassawuf Sufism as identities within Africa is gaining momentum

Fatoumatta:The struggle for dominance between Salafism and Sufism (Tasawwuf) within African Islam is a complex and intriguing battle, delving into the ideological clash and its consequences. In this contest for supremacy, the future of African Islam is at stake, influenced by ideological conflicts, historical legacies, and the changing religious and […]

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Ahmadiyya Emir writes to President Barrow, accuses Imam Fatty & Sheikh Chebbo Cham of trying to create violence against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat members, other Muslim sects, other faiths & Gov’t

The Emir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in The Gambia Baba F. Trawally has written a letter, dated 9th June 2022, to the President HE Adama Barrow, informing him and his government about some concerns raised against some Wahabi/Salafi scholars and Imams in the Gambia, notably Imam Abdoulie Fatty and […]


I Will Not Review ‘The Satanic Verses’ or The Satani Novel of What Rushdie Wrote and Why?

Fatoumatta: We must, of course, tread carefully when we get to what over with terms like “religiosity.” Religiosity is not necessarily synonymous with piety, any more than belief in God means total renunciation of the world. As I see it, religiosity is a ritualistic observance of religious practices compounded by […]