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Journalism is not activism: “A tiger doesn’t proclaim his tigritude, he pounces.”Activism and Political Bias Are Destroying People’s Faith in Journalism

Fatoumatta: The Gambian private media fought twenty-two years of former president Yahya Jammeh’s military turned civilian autocracy and suffered brutal persecutions, nocturnal arson attacks, torture, and death threats without compromising their reputation and professional integrity; those days, Gambian journalists under a despot played a heroic role in fighting for the […]

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GPU Condemns President Barrow’s Eid Remarks

The Gambia Press Union condemns President Barrow’s Eid remarks, insinuating the media is contributing to the destabilisation of the country by giving a platform to one of his leading critics. Barrow’s statement accusing Gambian journalists of giving a platform to human rights activist, Madi Jobarteh, who criticised his government over […]

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IN COMMEMORATION OF WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY ” FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS FORBIDDEN HERE”Freedom of Expression is Forbidden Here. Delayed Democracy: How Press Freedom Collapsed in The Gambia.

Reviewed by Foday Samateh. “Six armed men wearing masks came to the printing works at 2:00 a.m., fired shots into the air, and ordered the employees to lie on the ground. One of them then set fire to the new press…completely destroying it.” The police didn’t investigate the crime much […]