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Why Were You Elected to the Hallowed Chamber?

Part IV Fatoumatta: I will support any planned protest or motion to scrap the “Clothing Allowance, other sub-head parliamentary allowances and benefits, and typically the phony sitting allowances allocated to the “Sixth Legislature Honorable members.” However, why should the “Honorable members” be paid a salary and then be paid for […]


National Assembly Select Committee on Foreign Affairs discusses the fate of Gambian asylum seekers with German authorities

ARCHIVE (Re-post): First published on 13th February 2020, on The Digest News. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, led by Hon. Sidia Jatta, National Assembly Member for Wuli West, is currently in Germany, to engage the German authorities with the hope of finding a lasting solution to the […]

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OPINION: From Ya Kumba Jaiteh to Fatoumata Jawara: Why are young Parliamentarians problematic in New Gambia; indiscipline or inexperience?

ARCHIVE (Re-post): First published on 11th December 2019, on The Point Newspaper. Many youths want to be in public office and ran on a campaign of “Not Too Young To Run.” However, those given the opportunity are now putting into question the level of maturity and comportment during difficult circumstances […]