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Will Mimi Toure survive her Parliamentary coup?

A parliamentary committee in Senegal yesterday voted out Aminata Toure widely called Mimi Toure, causing her to lose her parliamentary seat. This decision came following her exit from the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition which voted her into the Parliament in September last year. Mimi Toure is organizing a press conference […]

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Senegal: Bokk Gis Gis leader Pape Diop resigns from his Parliamentary role

The leader of Bokk Gis Gis Pape Diop has resigned from his Parliamentary role effective Friday, 4th November 2022, L’Observateur newspaper reports. Diop’s decision followed the earlier resignation of Mrs. Sokhna Dieng Mbacké, another Member of Parliament who was part of President Macky Sall’s APR party and Benno Bokk Yaakaar […]

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Why Were You Elected to the Hallowed Chamber? Parliamentarian Asking GMD 100,000 of Taxpayers’ Money for “Clothing Allowances.”

Part III. Fatoumatta: Suppose the news story trending on social media and in the national papers that the Gambia’s National Assembly members have agreed to be paid a whopping sum of GMD 100,000, known as the “Clothing Allowance,” from the budget for every ‘Honorable’ member, in addition claiming to hefty […]