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46 condemned Ivorian soldiers pardoned in Mali return to Abidjan

Forty-six Ivorian soldiers detained in Mali for nearly six months and sentenced to 20 years in prison arrived in Abidjan on Saturday, the day after they were pardoned by Malian junta leader Assimi Goïta. The Ivorian air force plane carrying them landed at 11.40 pm at Abidjan airport. The soldiers, […]

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Danser arrested, charged for twerking against a policeman

IVORY COAST: Dezy Dokui, one of the Ivorian dancers who twerked against a policeman at the Palais des Sports during the Tchin-Tchinn final recently, has been charged. “The audience was spoilt for choice. However, a scandalous incident occurred at the party, which slightly disrupted the total success of this final,“ […]