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Danser arrested, charged for twerking against a policeman

IVORY COAST: Dezy Dokui, one of the Ivorian dancers who twerked against a policeman at the Palais des Sports during the Tchin-Tchinn final recently, has been charged.

“The audience was spoilt for choice. However, a scandalous incident occurred at the party, which slightly disrupted the total success of this final,“ Senegal’s leading news site Seneweb reports.

According to Seneweb, the danser ensured the show by wiggling her buttocks carried out an act of uncivility. “She showed off on a clothed body by wiggling her buttocks in a spectacular manner. The man in the service uniform remained motionless to respect what his profession requires in such situations.“

In a video published on the web on 26 September, Dezi Dokui , the danser asked the authorities and the whole of Côte d’Ivoire for forgiveness for her inappropriate gesture. However, she was arrested and questioned by the police on Tuesday, 27th September 2022.

The Prosecutor of the Republic of Ivory Coast instructed the police to detain and refer the dancer to the prosecutor’s office for insulting an officer in the exercise of his duties and for an indecent act.

Source: Seneweb

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