Internet Access Continues To Mount More Issues In The Gambia!!!

What is PURA doing to remedy this long-standing problem in The Gambia?

Ousman E. Camara

If one asks this question, one should be ready to investigate the reasons why PURA couldn’t solve our problem still. What is the relationship between PURA and GSM operation providers in The Gambia? Many keep asking this significant and paramount question but still, there is no tangible answer for the population. 

Are we serious as a country? If so, why does this issue of the Internet continue to mount more problems in our institutions most especially our learning environments?

At the University of the Gambia for instance, students continue to face compounding Internet access problems until now. 

The UTG management promised to resolve these issues but students still battling with a poor Internet connection. 

The question is, when will the University of the Gambia provide better Internet service for its students?

For effective research findings, the Internet connection is key for fast-tracking information service production. Therefore, PURA should consciously engage all service providers in the Gambia for national discussion; highlighting the importance and constraints the people are battling with.

The Internet speed in the Gambia is extremely weak.  All service providers should reconsider the speed of their network so as to reduce the high cost of data usage by the consumers. 

PURA must be proactive and radical in solving this national crisis. The Gambia compared to other neighbouring countries have if not the poorest Internet connection and we could do better if the authorities concerned are serious. 

The Gambia Our Homeland.

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  1. Indeed a cause for concern…what is the relationship between PURA and the GSM companies is a multimillion dollar question that requires answer go quench our minds that keeps asking this question all day and night…. recent studies shows that The Gambia is the 8th most expensive country in terms of internet in Africa..one will think after this findings, PURA will come up with a conference to address this issue and tell the populace a way forward, but still nothing!