Author: Pa Louis Thomasi

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NAMs, Gambians say NO to the ‘Former Presidents Bill 2023’

Luxurious benefits for who? Accommodation, gratuity, yearly vacations and vehicles for who? What for? Former President ‘ Yahya Jammeh for one does not deserve a dime to be spent on him from Gambian tax payers money, noting that these benefits will be borne by the taxpayers. ‘The evil that men […]

Human Rights, News, Opinion

An Open Letter To President Adama Barrow

Dear Sir,                                                                                                                “Uneasy lies a head that wears a crown” As a concerned citizen, I deem it fitting to put my thoughts to you through this open letter with regards to your statement on Koriteh Day, 2 May 2022.  Sir, I am gripped with fear that your statement and […]