Author: Dr. Assan Jallow

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A Country on the Directionless Wheels of Misplaced Priorities: A Sober Reflections on Our Elusive Political Visioning, Development Governance, and Expectations.

By Dr. Assan Jallow. The political economy of a country is comprised of individuals and collective groups with varying “vested interests representing, elites, lobbyists, rent-seeking groups, or voters at large” (Mukand, et Al. 2016) to drive policies. As such, policies must be driven by the pragmatism of Gambia’s developmental value […]

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Technology Use: The Ultimate Game-Changer in Fighting Public Corruption in The Gambia

Recently, the fight against public corruption has gained increased importance, especially in developing countries. Public corruption is the betrayal of trust and conscience in which an individual (s) “uses government resources for personal use at the expense of the public good.” In the Gambia, we are losing the fight against […]

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The Need For A New Economic Vision And Development Model For The Gambia

According to the World Bank (2023), “global growth is expected to decelerate sharply to 1.7 percent in 2023. It is the weakest growth rate in nearly three decades, overshadowed only by the global recession caused by the pandemic and the 2008 global financial crisis (World Bank, 2023).” In other words, […]

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In the wake of Global uncertainty: Should we be complacent about the state of the Economy?

Many experts have warned about the fragility of our economy and the failure of our policymakers to enact austerity measures to curb unnecessary excesses and create a cushion that will protect us from current and future events like what we are seeing in the world today. Therefore, it is important […]