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New Roads Will Boost Tourism, Says Minister Sillah

The Minister of Transport Works and Infrastructure Hon. Ebrima Sillah has  said that the community of Juffureh will be beneficiary of three feeder roads in the North Bank Region, adding that the road network will boost tourism in the area as well.

Hon. Sillah who is currently on a three-day tour of projects under his ministry visited the North Bank Region on his first phase of the nationwide tour of sites and projects under his watch.

He disclosed that the ministry will engage in construction work on some key roads in the community to advance socio-economic and cultural development in the area.

According to the minister, Juffureh is a community that holds significant importance in our history and it‘s therefore crucial to construct the road that leads to the Kunta Kinteh Island, and other roads such as the road which connects the mosque that was built by Farah Khan and the road leading to the Kunta Kinteh‘s family home.

He observed that these areas are tourist attraction places and that, thousands of tourists visit the Island annually, thereby contributing greatly to the country‘s economy.

“The  quality of the roads being constructed is not different from the ones that we are currently working on along the Bertil Harding Highway,“  he stated. 

The Minister emphasized that construction of these roads improve commerce by facilitating trade , leading to increased number tourist visits, thus, adding revenue for local businesses as well as boost community tourism.

The Harka Lang road starts from Buniadou to Kuntaya through Chila including Alberta to Fass Chaho, Bangali to Bafuloto Jurunku.

Abdoulie Njie, a resident in the North Bank Region, said they are excited that the Barrow government has taken steps in making the movement of people goods and services accessible.

“We were neglected by the past governments but thanks to Barrow‘s foresight to bring development in the form of good road infrastructure that connects communities and improve their livelihood,“ he remarked.

By Aminata Sanneh

Information Officer

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