CRR road accident: 7 died, 11 admitted, police PRO confirms

The acting spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force (GPF), Cadet ASP Modou Musa Sissawo has confirmed that seven (7) people have died in the road accident that occurred at Jarumeh Koto village in the Central River Region (CRR) on Saturday night.

The police spokesperson also disclosed that six (6) people have been admitted at the Bansang Hospital in CRR and five (5) others are admitted at the Edward Francis Small Teaching (EFSTH) in Banjul. He said a total of 18 people have been involved in the said accident so far.

“Preliminary reports indicate that the incident occurred when an unidentified vehicle collided or rammed with a celebrating football team along the highway, leading to this catastrophic event. The driver involved has been taken into police custody, and the case is under investigation to ascertain the details and circumstances surrounding the accident,“ the police said in a statement shared on Sunday morning.

“This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder for the public to exercise caution and vigilance while using public roads to prevent similar unfortunate occurrences,“ the police further stated.

Meanwhile, the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has also issued a statement on Sunday morning indicating that personnel of GAF Laminkoto Military Camp on Saturday, 9 December 2023 apprehended a truck driver who ran over a jubilant crowd killing 7 people on the spot.

“The rest were rushed to the hospital where another person was declared dead on Sunday 10 December 2023. The crowd were celebrating a football victory,“ the statement disclosed. 

“The Laminkoto Military Camp immediately dispatched a patrol team. The driver been aware of the presence of the military diverted towards Kerr Nyaga, Niani District, CRR North going towards Senegal. He hid the vehicle in a nearby bush and went hiding in the bush. The patrol team discovered the truck and took it to the Laminkoto Military Camp and then continued on the hot pursuit. The driver noticing that the team was getting closer, he ran to the Firdausi Police Station in Firdausi, CRR North,“ the statement added.

The police have also assured that further investigations are still ongoing and would update the public on the status of the victims accordingly and the progress made so far in this case in general.

Meanwhile the show of collaboration and complementing of efforts between the police and the military in this incident is laudable and encouraging towards effective Service delivery.

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