Senegal: Man arrested for serving cat meat to customers

A man has been arrested in Diourbel, Senegal for serving cat meat to his customers, Senegal’s leading online media outlet Seneweb reports.

According to Seneweb, the man (a greengrocer) was killing cats to serve them to his customers at very low prices. He was reported by one of his neighbours. The police raided the vendor’s home and found the man in action, killing and preparing cat meat.

Seneweb was able to get the reaction of a customer who used to frequent the shop.
“Frankly, I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked. Ever since I heard the news, I’ve been at a loss because I used to buy sandwiches and kebabs there every day. It was too delicious and the prices were affordable. I referred a lot of customers there. But I didn’t know that they served us cat meat. At the moment, I don’t know whether I’m ill or not. My family is asking me to have an X-ray to find out because I used to eat there every night. Let justice be done in any case, because what he did was inhumane and it could harm us,” said Fatou Sarr, a regular customer.

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