The Government of The Gambia has granted approval for the PPP agreement between GPA and Grupo Rodman of Spain for the design, construction, rehabilitation, operation, maintenance and hand back of the Banjul Shipyard facility under a concession contract. The decision specifically endorsed the proposal for the expansion of the Banjul Shipyard premises, to include the relocation of the Gambia Navy Command Centre and part of the Banjul Fisheries Jetty administrative area, in order to derive maximum value from the investment.

Government decision is based, inter alia, on the need for the restructuring and further development of the Banjul Shipyard (BSY) in order to enhance the sustainable operation and maintenance of the Ferries fleet, GPA harbour craft, industrial fishing vessels and leisure craft.

This transaction was procured through an international competitive bidding process in September 2022, which Grupo Rodman was evaluated as the most responsive bidder. The PPP concession is modelled under a Grantor and Equity holder arrangement, where the public party will be both a landlord and shareholder in the Project Company to be established. This model will be more beneficial for the country and the Shipyard, due to the existence of a potential market for the ship repair facility, ship building and ancillary services. It is also expected to enhance knowledge and skills transfer as well as opportunity for job creation.

BSY was established in 1924 and is a currently subsidiary of GPA, and its main objectives are to provide marine and industrial services. The concession agreement is to rehabilitate, redevelop and operate BSY under a PPP arrangement where the investor will be required to finance, design, construct and operate the facility at a minimum capacity to maintain and repair (dry dock) vessels up to 1,000 gross tonnes, a secondary facility for a travel lift of up to 70 tonnes, new cranes of up to 25 tonnes lifting capacity, new mooring and repairing dock with 4 meter draft, new shed of 2000 m² and full modern workshop facilities for marine, diving, mechanical, machining, electrical and carpentry. The concession will additionally create the facility for new ship building projects, to target the wider sub-regional market and beyond.


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