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Vivian reacts to ‘Lesbian’ allegations

The queen of the Jolof Band Vivian Chidid has reacted to allegations made against her of being a ‘Lesbian’ in a leaked audio that went viral on social media recently. The Senegalese queen of Mbalax, international music icon Vivian Chidid and Amina Poté, a Tv presenter were accused by Samba Sine popularly known as Kouthia, a comedian who anchors The Kouthia Show on one of Senegal’s leading private television stations TFM.

Vivian Chidid responded to such allegations during an interview she had with the popular Tv presenter at TFM Pape Cheikh Diallo on his MidiPlus show on 22 June.

The Senegalese star began by clarifying that she never pays attention to rumours.

“Bou thiow amé cilamay gueuna saf ndakh damay guen liguey”, she told her slanderers.

In one of the leaked voicemails allegedly from Kouthia, Mbalax Queen Vivian was accused of being a lesbian. According to the same information, she is said to be in a relationship with the famous Tv presenter Amina Poté of TFM.

Viviane insists that these rumours have nothing to do with her. “I’m as solid as a rock”, she says.

The Senegalese Mbalax Queen has recently released a new single hitting the airwaves dubbed “Par Force”, meaning by force. Fresh as ever, the singer of “Par force” once again caused a sensation, and took the opportunity to give her detractors a pointed reply.

Source: Seneweb. Additional reporting by LamToro News.

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