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Marabout accused of raping 27 girls arrested

Touba – Senegal: The police at the Ndamatou Police Station in Touba, Senegal have arrested Serigne Khadim Mbacké, a marabout and Quranic teacher, suspected of raping 27 girls who were learning at his school (Daara).

According to Seneweb,  the case came to light sometime in March in Touba when several complaints were lodged with the police and Gendarmerie.

“Serigne Khadim Mbacké felt the sting and took to the streets. After more than a month, the victims’ families lodged a collective complaint with the prosecutor at the Mbacké Tribunal d’Instance. Despite its sensitivity, the head of the local public prosecutor’s office, S.O. Diallo, took charge of the case. The Mbacké prosecutor sent a self-transmission to the head of the Ndamatou police station for investigation and arrest,“ Seneweb reported.

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