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Senegal: Mame Goor Diazaka sentenced to 2 months in prison

The criminal court of Dakar has cleared the dispute between Mame Goor Diazaka and Amidou Kandé, a guard of the company Bisa. The artist was found guilty of public insults and on Thursday he received a two-month suspended prison sentence. However, the judge released the defendant from the charge of death threats.

He also dismissed the civil party’s claim for compensation. This procedure was triggered by the conflict between the inhabitants of the Diazaka and Al Madina housing estates and the Bisa company, which has set up a concrete exploitation site in the area. As an artist and municipal councillor, Mame Goor Diazaka had set up a community to denounce the establishment of the company, which, according to him, was upsetting the population.

It was in these circumstances that the company organised a press conference to defend its interests. Mame Goor, who appeared out of nowhere, uttered insults and threats that led to a complaint in April 2022. During the trial held on 26 April 2023, the singer claimed his innocence, while the video of the altercation was added to the file. Amidou Kandé maintained his accusations.

According to him, the defendant had accused him of being a slave and of being a nervous bastard. Besides, he threatened to kill him with a firearm. His lawyer had demanded 30 million francs in compensation. “The public prosecutor’s office requested the application of the law, and the defence counsels pleaded for the dismissal of the case,” reports Rewmi newspaper.

Source: Culled from Seneweb.

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