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Has UTG morphed into the University of Trading Grades?

Gambians have received with utter shock and consternation an explosive report carried by What’s On Gambia, alleging that certain lecturers at the University of the Gambia were involved in trading grades for sex. To back up its claims, the popular media outlet shared copies of grades manipulated by the perpetrators, prompting reactions from the relevant authorities. Both the Ministry of Higher Education and the University authorities have reacted by affirming that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and that disciplinary actions will be taken against the culprits.

This matter should be thoroughly and independently investigated because some students might have graduated without meriting the qualifications they hold. Imagine medical practitioners entrusted with the lives of the masses or lawyers in charge of discharging justice carrying certificates they do not deserve!

All those involved in the scandal must face justice for endangering people’s lives by tampering with grades. Degrees conferred to undeserving students should be confiscated until the ongoing investigations are completed. The Ministry of Higher Education, in conjunction with the Administration of the University of the Gambia, should institute drastic measures to prevent the recurrence of such malpractices to preserve the tainted reputation of the nation’s highest academic institution.

Not only are these malpractices outrageous and undoubtedly detrimental to the reputation of the nation’s highest academic institution, but they also stand to cause irreparable and longstanding damage to its standing and credibility. International academic institutions are likely to question the credibility and authenticity of UTG’s degrees which might affect a significant number of Gambians planning to pursue graduate studies overseas.

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