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Former Fisheries PS Dr. Banja gets 2 years mandatory jail term for corruption

Dr. Banja

Press Release:

The Office of the Attorney General is pleased to announce that today
Wednesday 8th March 2023, a conviction has been secured against Dr.
Bamba Banja, former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries and
Water Resources.

The charges laid against Dr. Banja by this office in 2021
included three counts of serious economic and financial crimes,
specifically, Economic Crimes in contravention of Section 5 of the
Economic Crimes Act, Official Corruption as stipulated by Section 86(a) of
the Criminal Code, and Receiving Property to Show Favor in violation of
Section 88 of the Criminal Code.
The public is further informed that Dr. Banja has been duly convicted, and
as such, has received appropriate punishment in accordance with the
severity of his crimes. Specifically, Count 1 relating to Economic Crimes
has resulted in a mandatory jail term of 2 years, coupled with a fine of
D1,000,000 to be paid to the state. In default of payment, he will serve an
additional year in jail. On Count 2 relating to Official Corruption, Dr. Banja
has been ordered to pay a fine of D100,000 or serve 1 year in jail.

Finally, on Count 3 relating to Public Officer Receiving property to show favour, Dr.
Banja has been ordered to pay a fine of D50,000 or serve 6 months in jail.
This conviction is in connection with Dr. Banja’s acceptance of bribes to
secure the release of fishing vessels that had been arrested by the Gambia
Navy for violating fisheries regulations.

We wish to make it clear that this office regards corrupt practices with utmost seriousness and,

as such, today’s conviction serves as a strong and unequivocal warning to public
servants who might consider engaging in similar activities.

The Office of the Attorney General is currently prosecuting a number of
other cases that are linked to corruption and financial malpractices, and we
will not relent in our efforts to stamp out this menace.

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