‘Leaked letter‘ instructs KMC Deputy CEO to handover all responsibilities to Sainabou Martin immediately

Sainabou Martin Sonko, CEO of KMC

A leaked letter from the Ministry of Local Government and Lands, dated 27th February 2023 with Reference Nr. MOLG/C/116(57) and signed by D.S Bah on behalf of the Permanent Secretary at the said Ministry, has instructed the Deputy CEO of the Kanifing Municipal Council to handover all responsibilities and functions of the Council’s administration to the CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko, effective 28th February 2023.

“You are therefore requested to hand over all functions and responsibilities to the CEO as per the Local Government Act 2002, under the following Section: Section 43, sub-section (A-F) with effect from 28th February 2023,“ the letter stated.

The letter also warned that any officer who continues to sign any vouchers or financial transactions for the office on behalf of the CEO is doing so at his/her own risk. The letter was copied to the Solicitor General, the Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, the Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, and the Director of Finance at KMC.

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