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Senegalese Gendarmerie arrest the man who was supplying stones to Ousmane Sonko’s supporters in Mbacké

The video of a driver in a fake taxi handing out stones to demonstrators in Mbacké has gone viral on social networks. Following this outcry, the national Gendarmerie has brought out the big guns to track down the man who supplied Ousmane Sonko’s supporters with projectiles during the violent clashes in Mbacké.

According to Seneweb, the Gendarmerie Research Section (SR) of Dakar, the Research Brigade (BR) of Touba and the Research Section (SR) of Thies have joined forces to identify and arrest the accused. The latter fell this Monday in the capital of Mouridism, Touba.

The man is currently in the premises of the Gendarmerie Company of Touba where a pool of investigators from the three units mobilized is working to elucidate this case.

Indeed, the accused driver was posing as a taximan in order to distribute stones to the demonstrators, but the scene was immortalised by a person with a smartphone. The Gendarmerie exploited the video to bring down the fake taximan.

The prosecutor of Mbacké is tough on troublemakers and does not intend to give any respite to ill-intentioned people who try to disturb the peace of the people of the department of Mbacké.

Thus, any person involved in this affair will be hunted down to the very end, we are told.

Source: Culled from Seneweb

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