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State of MIC CEO Alhagie Manka named among 100 most influential young leaders in Africa

The CEO State of MIC Multi-media company, Alhagie Manka has been named among the 100 most influential young leaders in Africa.

Mr. Manka is a well-focused gentleman with a dignified character who has made triumphant efforts to reach where he is today in the Gambian multi-media industry. He is currently in Liberia where he received news of his nomination for being among 100 most influential young leaders in Africa.

Manka, a renowned Producer cum Director, Cinematographer, and Photographer is a home-made product and an example of a successful young entrepreneur whose journey motivates a lot of young people to believe that they can make it in life with determination, hard work, and commitment.

He is expected to receive the award on 14th April 2023, during the convergence and award ceremony to be held at the British Council in Ghana.

Mr. Manka posted the information on his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Below we reproduce his post and it reads:

“I am more than honored to be ranked amongst the 100 most influential young leaders in Africa.
Many young people in The Gambia could have been recognized but it is evident that my work is making marks.
My thrive to support young people in the media, especially girls is known by many and I am proud that it has been recognized across Africa.
This recognition will gear me up in my quest to change the narrative in the Gambian media and entertainment industry.
I intend to continue to put my country’s name on the map by being selfless and resilient in doing what I love the most, supporting young people.
Young people represent the future of every nation and have a great effect on a country’s economic well-being.
Therefore, investing in them is equal to contributing to national development.

Congratulations to Mr Manka.

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