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Senegal: Police officer files complaint against Ousman Sonko

Dakar, Senegal – Following a lawsuit filed by Adji Sarr, for rape and death threats, and Mame Mbaye Niang, for defamation, public insults and forgery, a police officer named Frédéric Napel is also taking Ousmane Sonko to court.

This intelligence officer has filed a complaint with the Dakar prosecutor’s office against the leader of Pastef for endangering the lives of others, attacking his integrity, calling for murder, false accusations and defamation. “In his press statement on Thursday 19 January 2023, Ousmane Sonko attacked me directly,” the complainant recalled in his letter of complaint, which was picked up by L’Observateur on Tuesday.

Frédéric Napel continued: “(Sonko claimed) that I am a ‘criminal capable of killing for nothing’ before labelling me as a plotter against him because I was the one who forced and obliged the Chief Justice, Oumar Maham Diallo, to send him to the Criminal Chamber. And finally, he called me a mole, a traitor to the nation because I had passed on confidential and highly sensitive information to his friends and militants.

The policeman added that after this charge by the mayor of Ziguinchor, his supporters attacked him through the networks and called him on the phone threatening to kill him. Napel said he had taken down the numbers of those making the threats and filed a complaint against them with the Special Brigade for the Fight against Cybercrime.

Source: Seneweb

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