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Glamour Gala Dinner: Brazilian Rio carnival showcased at Senegal’s King Fahad Palace

Article written by Fatima Diop Ba, Seneweb.

The fourth edition of the Chic and Glamour gala hosted by Senegal this year at the King Fahd Palace is still a sensation. This event was organised by the French production company called Mat Events. 

As announced in the programme, the Brazilian festival hypnotised the audience with the entrance and dance of girls dressed up for a wild evening to the rhythm of samba, rumba but also mbalax. 

Women in bras and thongs, butts in the air with ruffles, sequins, feathers and huge headdresses represented the brand with their disguises worthy of a Rio carnival. Daring outfits that did not go down well. They attracted the attention of the whole room, and particularly that of the singers, including Weuz Kali, Bambaly Seck and the prince of the Faramarenes, Wally Ballago Seck, who hosted the evening. 

Some of them expressed their surprise at the way the girls were dressed because, according to them, it offended their consciences. 

It should be remembered that the organisers had not failed to include this performance in the theme of the evening, certainly to avoid the surprise effect for the guests.

Source: Seneweb

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